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Welcome to Blakes Wildlife Removal, where all your wildlife problems will be solved and dealt with humanely. Blakes Wildlife Removal is a well-reputed company to safely and humanely remove wildlife from your home or property. We deal with a broad range of species, big and small, residential or commercial, we do it all No matter what kind of wildlife you are dealing with, count on us for residential and commercial pest control services because we handle all the wild animals with care. 

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Are you hearing noises of animals scurrying inside your house or commercial space? Do you often find wires that have been chewed on or yards that have been turned upside down? Or is the food from your kitchen getting regularly stolen? If your answer is yes, then your place has definitely become home to wildlife animals. Wildlife is a gift that nature has blessed us with, but it is also important to maintain the ecological balance and keep these creatures where they belong. With our top-notch wildlife control services, you can ensure the safe removal of wildlife from your house or office. Some common wild animals that visit the commercial and residential areas from time to time are rodents, rats, opossums, squirrels, and bats.

What We Offer At Blakes Wildlife

Raccoon Removal

If raccoons are resting in your chimney or attics, they won’t leave it unless a proper trap is set to catch them. Hire us for raccoon removal services in Ocala as Blakes Wildlife Control experts see raccoons and ensure that each one of them is successfully removed. In Florida, our raccoon removing service is excellent as we do the job effectively and quickly.

Gopher Removal

One of the most gnawing feelings is dealing with gophers infesting and invading your property. Gophers may seem harmless little creatures, but they destroy your lawn and plants. Call Blakes Wildlife for the best gopher removal services in Florida. Our services are customized and available round the year.

Pest Control

Blakes Wildlife Control deals with pests in commercial and residential properties. Whether it be rodents or tiny pests, we can save your property by completely eradicating them if you want the best pest cleaning services in Florida.

Rodent Control

Coming across rodents on your property may be a bad experience. Still, as a property owner, you don’t have to worry much because Blakes Wildlife Control comes with the finest quality services of rodent control in Florida.

Squirrel Removal

Are your gardens getting damaged because squirrels got inside your property? Call the experts at Blakes Wildlife Control for professional squirrel removal service, and don’t let them further damage your property. Squirrel removal requires a professional approach and our experts have all the skills for it.

Bat Removal

If you want reliable bat removal solutions, consider Blakes Wildlife Control. We guarantee to remove bats from your property permanently as we are the famous provider of services for bat removal in Alachua.

Wildlife & Animal Exclusion, Florida

Wildlife exclusion is the only way that gives true peace of mind to people who have suffered from the nuisance of wildlife. Blakes Wildlife Control already knows this and has experts to deliver guaranteed wildlife exclusion services.


We use eco-friendly, safe, and most importantly, effective pest control methods to exterminate pests from your properties.


We offers free inspection of your houses. We initially send our highly trained expert to examine the extent of damage done by pests.


Our company is Government licensed, protected, certified and insured. We have a team of experienced and trained professionals for pest problems.


We offer quick and effective pest control services. We have the most qualified personnel consisting of technicians who can immediately work to get rid of pests.


What services does Blakes Wildlife Removal offer in Ocala, FL?

Blakes Wildlife Removal offers comprehensive wildlife removal and pest control services in Ocala FL, including exclusion work, removal of specific animals like squirrels, gophers, raccoons, and bats, monthly monitoring programs, and eco-friendly pest control.

How does Blakes Wildlife Removal prevent rodents and pests from entering homes?

Blakes Wildlife Removal employs an Exclusion service that seals holes, gaps, and cracks on the exterior of homes using welded wire mesh and concrete, effectively preventing rodents, rats, and other pests from entering.

What does Blakes Wildlife Removal do to address raccoon-related issues in Ocala FL?

Blakes Wildlife Removal has the experience and skills to safely and humanely remove raccoons from homes. We also seal any damage to the roof and eaves to ensure raccoons cannot re-enter.

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Excellent communication

David K.Citrus Springs, FL

Blake's Wildlife is quick, professional, and determined to get critters quickly.

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Always on time and called ahead. Very experienced and clean and neat.

Steven BThe Villages, FL

Blake came on time, prepared and removed raccoons and possums as promised. Couldn t be happier! Will definitely hire again. And highly recommend!

Tony P.Ocala, FL

Blake removed a dead animal under my house and did extra work to make sure it doesnâ t happen again. I was very pleased with the work he did and would hire him again.

Charlotte M.Hernando, FL

Professional, responsive, and result oriented. Blake will be my go to for wildlife removal.

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Blake was very reliable and professional. I would hire again in the future if needed

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We had an Armadillo problem. He placed traps and cleared the problem in just a few days.

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He is conscious and communications well.

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Wildlife is a beautiful creature of God. The importance of wildlife in the environment can’t be eliminated. Their importance can be categorized into ecological importance, economic importance, and investigatory importance. Their main role is balancing and stabilizing the environment. Many wildlife like raccoons, beavers, rats or mice, squirrels, and many other animals enter the home or human-populated areas for the sake of food, shelter & warmth.
Here in Florida, we are blessed with a variety of wildlife. While it can be fun to watch the occasional raccoon or armadillo run through the yard, wildlife causing problems on your property or in your home can be stressful and costly. Squirrels gnaw on wires in the attic while armadillos destroy the new lawn.
My goal is to resolve these conflicts between people and wildlife as humanely as possible using what I have learned working with animals over the past twenty years. I’m independently owned and can offer top customer service and effective solutions for a lower cost than the big companies. I can help with most species found in our state from the little brown bats to the wily coyotes.

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