Have you ever got frozen in horror to see cockroaches scuttling away in your kitchen cabinets when you were just there to grab a glass of water? Cockroach infestation is something no one wishes for. These critters are creepy, scary, and filthy. Cockroaches bring in many diseases and health risks, which is why it is crucial to get rid of them as soon as you see them. Here are some easy ways through which you can keep the roaches out of your house.

Call A Professional

For an ultimate solution to the cockroach problem, you need the best pest control in Ocala. Professionals know the proper techniques and methods to keep your place free of all pests. Expert service providers such as Blakes Wildlife Control are fully equipped for the exclusion work of any pest. They understand the nuisance of dealing with insects that are active round the year.

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Regular Cleaning

You need to keep your house as clean as possible. Dirty places are home to cockroaches because they feed on dirt, leftover food, standing waters, and dirty drains. Regular and detailed cleaning can keep them from wandering in your kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure to vacuum your floors so that no food particle is left. Also, wipe the floors, shelves, and countertops to reduce the chances for cockroaches to overtake your space.

Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes

One of the major reasons why cockroaches continue to feed and flourish in your home is that you leave the dirty dishes overnight. Cockroaches are more active during the nighttime, and you are feeding them by leaving the dishes out dirty. Make it a habit to wash out all the dirty dishes at night. Also, clean the dishwasher from the inside to wipe out all the food scraps. For that, you can run a hot cycle in the dishwasher by placing a cup of vinegar inside it. Doing so will not only clean the dishwasher but also disinfect it.

Check Drains And Ventilation

Crawlspaces, basements, attics, ventilation areas, and drain holes are the most vulnerable areas for cockroach infestation. These areas carry more moisture, so they become a breeding ground for cockroaches and other pests. Keep track of any leaks or moisture and seal the leak, cracks, and holes. Don’t let your drain clog and get your gutters cleaned regularly.

Don’t Let Trash Pile Up

Failure to properly dispose of garbage also leads to cockroach infestation. Just because you have lid dustbins in your rooms and kitchen doesn’t mean you can keep the trash inside. Dispose of the garbage every night and empty all your bins into the outer trash cans. Also, keep your dustbins cleaned at all times. Putting the trash in already dirty bins creates room for cockroaches to breed.

Boric Acid

Many believe that mixing boric acid in flour and sugar into a semi-solid dough will attract cockroaches and kill them when they eat it. However, if you have pets in your house, you should avoid this home remedy and sick to consulting professionals.

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