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Animal Control Service in Ocala, FL

Animals can cause a lot of problems once they start living in a human-inhabited environment. These intruders often make scurrying noises at night, which can disturb your sleep. Little animals can chew through the wires and gnaw through the walls in pursuit of making their homes. In worst cases, they may steal the food from the kitchen and contaminate it. If you are dealing with all of these problems, you can hire Blake Wildlife Control for animal control services.

We Are Highly Experienced and Trustworthy

Blake Wildlife Control is a renowned company that has been providing top-notch animal control services for many years. We at Blake Wildlife Control consider it our responsibility to provide our clients an animal-free zone without causing any harm to the animals. Our top-of-the-line staff is highly experienced, competent, and knows every technique that can be used for wildlife removal. With our experience, we can provide you quick solutions in a matter of minutes. Call us today to book the services of animal control.

What Do We Offer?

Once wildlife enters your home, it becomes very hard to get rid of them as they find warmth, comfort, and food inside residential places and don’t leave them easily. They can cost you a lot of loss in terms of money by damaging your wires and walls. Therefore, getting rid of these animals is very important. Blake Wildlife Control offers extraordinary animal control services, and some of these services are discussed below:

Rodent Removal

Rodents may seem tiny but are very annoying. They are very hard to get rid of once they make their house inside your place. To keep rodents away from your houses, we offer amazing rodent removal services.

Squirrel and Gopher Removal

Squirrels hide in the chimneys of the houses to get warmth in the cold weather. Our staff knows how to get rid of gopher and squirrel so that they won’t make their house inside your chimneys ever again.

Dead Animals Removal

If you have a foul smell in your house and you haven’t found its source yet, then most probably you have a dead animal in your house. We are well of the areas that should be inspected for dead animals; therefore, we help house owners in removing them from their houses and yards.

Bat Removal

Bats are necessary for the ecosystem, but they are dangerous for human inhabited places. Bats should be dealt with quickly; otherwise, their removal gets hard and tricky. Blake Wildlife Control has experts that can remove bats with maximum efficiency.

Snakes and Lizard Removal

Snakes and lizards are considered very dangerous and can be life-threatening as well. Our staff has the right skills and tools to remove dangerous snakes and lizards from your property.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons usually rest in the chimneys and attics of a house and are not easy to remove. Once you hire our services, we will set proper traps that will prove to be vital in raccoon removal from your house. So, call us now at (352)-299-0248 and get the best animal control services.


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