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Guaranteed Pest Removal And Wildlife Control In Belleview, FL

Are you struggling with pest issues on your residential or commercial property? Florida is known for many things, among which pests are also one. One of the major reasons behind the variety of pests and insects found here is the warm and humid climate in most cities, such as Belleview. 

Not only that, but the city is also known for the multiplicity of wildlife animals roaming around in every lawn and backyard. If you are dealing with the creepy and crawling critters in and out of your home, you know how horrible and frustrating it is. Instead of running around the house when the cockroaches start flying, or the bees attack, call our professionals to help you out.

Blakes Wildlife Control is a renowned and reputed company working to make Belleview and surrounding FL areas pest-free. We offer personalized plans to eradicate all types of pests, mice, rats, rodents, and wildlife animals in a fast and timely manner. Let us know if you need any help by giving us a call!

An Overview of Belleview, FL

Belleview is a beautiful small town located in the heart of Florida in Marion County. The city was originally found around the Nine Mile Pond that is known today as Lake Lillian. Situated just around nine miles from Ocala, Belleview is a city progressing towards change and advancement in connection with its subdivisions. There is a lot to explore here, including the Santos Trails, Gypsy Gold horse Farm, and Don Garlits Museum Of Drag Racing.

We Make The Pest Rest Forever!

Bed bugs, mosquitoes, roaches, and multiple types of critters are found in Florida. These pests can make your nights restless and days troublesome. Imagine trying to sleep when the bed bugs are continuously irritating you, mosquitoes are biting you, and cockroaches are flying around the house. What a horror! You need someone who can help you get rid of all the flying and crawling critters forever. Exterminators at Blakes Wildlife Control are accustomed to providing you with on-time services to guarantee that the pests won’t be coming back!

Professionally Trained Pest Exterminators

No matter how much you try to eradicate the pesky pests from your house or office, you can’t be sure of the results because you don’t know the techniques and pesticide usage. Our pest control experts are licensed, insured, and certified to conduct detailed pest inspections and treat them in Belleview and surrounding FL areas.  When you call us, we’ll respond quickly. Our team will come prepared with all the baits, traps, and sprays needed to make the pests go away!

Wildlife Control That Is Worth The Cost

Along with the best pest control solutions, we are also available for removing wildlife animals safely from your property to where they belong. Here is the service we offer:

squirrel removal

Squirrel Control

Squirrels are extremely intelligent creatures. While some people have accepted them as home pets and started feeding them, they are still wildlife animals. If they make a nesting place in your attics, chimneys, or basements, it can be troublesome for you. If the outside population of the squirrels becomes unmanageable, call us, and we’ll remove them for you!

Rodents & Rats Removal

Rats and rodents are the most common yet most annoying creatures you can find roaming around the house, shredding your clothes, and hiding inside the kitchen cabinets. Blakes Wildlife Control offers the most effective and lasting solutions for rats, mice, and rodent removal. We use enticing baits and humane traps to remove them from your property. We’ll also check and seal all the entry points. 

Raccoon Removal 

We are authorized and have all the resources to deal with wildlife animals and safely release them back into the wild. From locating the entry point of the raccoons to make sure no one gets hurt during their removal, our exterminators will take care of everything.

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done In Florida?

Pest problems are serious and require immediate attention. If the infestation is severe in your apartment or house, you need to go for a detailed pest control treatment after every three to six months. To be on the safe side, you can also have a monthly pest inspection to prevent any pest infestation again. 

Does Wildlife Control Kill Animals?

Wildlife is essential to balance our ecosystem. No doubt, it gets troublesome when they take shelter inside your garage or basement, but they should be removed humanely. Effective wildlife control includes safe trapping and releasing of the wild animals back into their natural habitat.


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