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Making Your Property Free From Pests And Wildlife Invasion In Dunnellon, FL

Are you tired of the pests and wildlife animals roaming around in your lawn, backyard, attic, and kitchen cabinets?  Pests and wildlife issues are among the most common nuisances that the people of Florida face. The hot and humid climate of the state is the main reason why almost every city has a lot of rodents, raccoons, termites, wasps, hornets, and roaches. 

Along with pests, Dunnellon, FL has a growing issue of wildlife invasion, for which many homeowners are forced to cut off their evening teas in the lawns. Not only that, gophers, raccoons, and other wandering wildlife animals can create a lot of damage to your property. 

If you are dealing with any pest or wildlife issue in the area, Blakes Wildlife Control is the company to trust. We offer a full range of pest control services, including animal control and exclusion, pest control treatments, and bird control. Remember, no matter how severe the infestation is, we are just a call away!

About Dunnellon

Dunnellon is a small yet beautiful city located in the Marion County of Florida. Living in this city is a delightful experience in every sense because it has a lot to offer. What makes this city more enticing is the fact that it was the filming location for Jeepers Creepers. Apart from this creepy side, you have many beautiful visiting sites, including the lined streets of Dunnellon Historic District. You also have various antique shops to visit if you have a taste for art and history.

The climate of Dunnellon is almost similar to its surrounding areas like Ocala and Miami. The summers are long, extremely oppressive, and humid, while the winters are short. This paves the way for pests to grow more, which is why you can expect termite damage, cockroaches, ants, centipedes, and bed bugs, making your life a nightmare! Hiring pest control and wildlife animal control is part of the routine for home and business owners because there is always a need for it in the area.

We Can Put All The Pests To Rest

We have a team of professional pest exterminators and certified entomologists to take care of your lawns, wooden cabinets, clothes, and mattresses from bugs, roaches, termites, beetles, and wasps. Dunnellon is known for subterranean termites because the climate here is very humid and damp. As professionals, we have treated highly termite-damaged homes by using the best pesticides and insecticides. We spray on all the areas, treat all the foundation trench by drilling holes and spraying. After that, we neatly patch the holes with cement. Similarly, we have eco-friendly sprays and chemicals that will protect your lawn, grass, and plants from pests. 

Trusted Widely In Dunnellon For Wildlife Control

When you are sleeping and suddenly hear squeaky noises from your attic, know that your attic has become a nesting place of bats, raccoons, or rodents. We provide detailed animal trapping and removal services most humanely. We use the latest wildlife animal trapping techniques and release them back into the wild. We don’t kill wildlife animals because we know how important they are for the ecosystem. Our staff is highly qualified and skilled to handle any wildlife animals, including possums, gophers, raccoons, rodents, rats, and squirrels. 

Wildlife Animal Removal

Raccoon Control

Raccoons are nocturnal foragers that will dig your lawns recklessly. They can be seriously dangerous for your property because of their sharp claws. They can scratch your sidings and dig your lawns. They are also carriers of rabies and can make your pets infected if they come in contact with raccoons. To keep your pets safe and healthy, call our raccoon removal experts and let them handle the rest.

Rats And Rodents Control

Rats and rodents can create a huge nuisance when they decide to nest in your house. They will shred your packed edibles and eat your clothes. If you witness any rodent remaining in your cabinets or closets

Bat Removal Services

Bats usually look for dark corners of your house, such as your attic, basement, or garage. Going in your attic or basement and getting welcomed by flying bats is no doubt a problematic situation. We have the solution for you! Our professionals will inspect to check for all the corners in your house to look for bat invasion and put baits and traps to catch them.

Why You Should Choose Blakes Wildlife

Blakes Wildlife Control offers premium quality pest control and wildlife removal services to the residents of Dunnellon. Along with that, the following are the reasons that make us stand out among others:

  • Eco-friendly pest extermination solutions
  • Licensed, insured, and certified 
  • Fast pest control services
  • Quick response time 
  • Free home inspection 
  • Free quotes 
  • Market competitive rates
  • Guaranteed results
  • Screened, approved, and top-rated by HomeAdvisor


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