Gopher Removal Service in Florida – A Necessity!

Are you sick of invasive and pesky gopher dominating and invading your house or your commercial property? At Blakes Wildlife, we provide services of gopher removal in Florida to save your properties from these disturbing gophers. We offer an extensive range of humane wildlife control services and methods to exterminate them from your properties and prevent them from coming back. We specialize in the exclusion of wildlife using effective techniques.

We can execute baiting, trapping, smoking them out from a tunnel framework, and similar efficient techniques to safely exterminate these critters. More importantly, our techniques are humane and eco-friendly. Since gophers are found in great numbers in Florida, they can lead to year-round problems.

Therefore, we offer all-inclusive gopher control plans that take care of gophers throughout the year, preventing them from getting into your property. If they stay for a little longer in your residential and commercial property, they can cause significant damage. So, it is necessary to remove gopher from your property instantly. Connect with us for quick and effective removal of gopher from your property.

Signs That You Have Gophers

Gophers usually leave a few signs behind that indicate their presence. So, if you see the below-mentioned signs, don’t hesitate to call Blake’s Wildlife. We have professionals that will ensure the safe and quick removal of gophers from your property. 

Formation of Mounds 

Gophers are tiny creatures, but they can dig a huge tunnel system that ranges from a few inches under the surface up to six feet underground. The excessive soil is removed when they dig tunnels and deposits on the surface, forming a mound which is a clear sign of the presence of gophers.

Damages to the Plants

If you notice sudden damage to your plants and vegetation, it is a sign of the presence of gophers. These creatures prefer attacking plants underground from the roots through their tunnels, so you should keep an eye out for that.

Formation of Holes 

Gophers gladly feed on the roots of the plants straight from the tunnel but sometimes also look for food outside them. In such cases, the gophers come out by making a feeding hole to look for food. Once their search is done, they retreat through the same holes. 

Top-Notch Gopher Control Services by Experts at Blakes Wildlife

The expert professionals at Blakes Wildlife Control strive hard to satisfy all the needs for wildlife removal of our customers. We believe in excellence and never compromise on the quality of work. We can take care of the annoying gophers that must be disturbing your peace at your house. Choose us because we have highly trained staff for gopher control services in Florida. No matter where you want to remove gophers either it is your home, office, or any other building, we can help you to get through this trouble. Resolve all your gopher related issues by hiring us for gopher removal and control.

Blakes Wildlife Control understands the importance of wildlife for the maintenance of the ecosystem thus, uses the most humane and environmentally sound techniques to remove gophers from your place. Hire us to get benefited from our Eco-friendly services of Squirrel removal. We make sure that not a single creature is killed or even harmed during the eliminating process. Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and all workers hold expertise in their fields. We claim to be one of the best service providers for gopher removal in Florida as we are fully licensed and have a valid insurance policy as well. Our expert professionals are always here to help you. Count on us for gopher and rodent removal services in Florida to get our top-notch wildlife removal services. Since Blakes Wildlife is the best in town, we have a long list of satisfied customers.

How Blakes Wildlife Helps to Get Rid Of Gophers form your Property

Getting rid of gophers is important if you don’t want damages to your property, especially the lawns. Also, there are many health risks associated with these little creatures, so it is better to get rid of them timely and effectively. Here’s how you can do that.

Gopher Baiting

At Blakes Wildlife, we bait gopher with quality milos and grains. We inject the grain into a tunnel framework which is perfect for quick control. The bait may stay active for quite a few days.


Trapping is always preferred to catch wildlife that invades residential properties. Gophers emerge in warmer climates in a large quantity, and trapping them is necessary to avoid property damages and health risks. Setting the traps is a practical approach, but you must hire a professional company. Blakes Wildlife has the best trapping techniques that guarantee the removal of gophers from your property.


Fumigation is the perfect strategy if you want a quick solution for gophers invading your property. However, this method is not much used, and methods like trapping and baiting are preferred over it.

Using Repellents and Hiring a Professional Company

Repellents are an excellent choice for gopher removal, but using them properly is most important. If you are spraying repellents to the holes and corners of your property, make sure to cover each one of them. Some other things that you can try to get rid of gophers are:

  • Disinfectants
  • Peppermint
  • Castor oil 
  • Chili Powder 

There are various ways to get rid of gophers, but the best way is to hire a professional and reputed wildlife removal company to ensure safe and humane gopher removal. Blake’s Wildlife Control knows all the techniques and has perfect traps to catch gophers that invade your property. Contact us now to get effective and long-term solutions for gophers. 


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