Bats are popular species of wildlife in Marion. They are present in large numbers and often found in residential and commercial properties. In the houses, they often live in soffits, attic, shutters, chimneys, and similar places. They can even take up residence in outbuildings and barns. Do you have bats in your property and looking to remove them? Contact Blakes Wildlife for Bat Exterminator in Alachua. We specialize in bat removal and bat control. Give us a call if you are having trouble with bats. We promise to provide most gentle, humane and effective bat removal services.

Bats Are Too Dangerous! Seek their Quick Removal

Bat Removal in Marion

If you find bats in your house or workplace, expect them to be extremely dangerous. If they are in your crawlspace or attic, they defecate and contaminate the insulation. The droppings of bats leave you and your family vulnerable to disease when they are breathing the spores from bat guano. Apart from removing bats, we can take care of the waste. We offer comprehensive Bat Removal in Marion that includes the complete removal of bats and their waste. So, contact us immediately in such a situation because bats carry rabies and nose syndrome that can be transferred to your pets as well.

Call Professionals for Bat Removal

Since bats have many dangers associated with them, an unprofessional person must not try removing them. At Blakes Wildlife, we understand the dangers and we have the expertise and right tools to remove them. You can just give us a call and our expert technicians will be at your door right away before you attempt DIY removal methods. We are your local professionals who provide Bat Removal in Marion in the most effective and humane manner. So, call us for immediate assistance, rather than poisoning bats.

How Our Bat Removal & Bat Control Services Work?


Bat Removal in Marion

There are different methods applied for Bat Removal in Marion depending on the situation. If needed, we can execute trapping techniques for capturing bats and then relocating them. However, this is not always necessary. At times, we can just execute a one way door system. Such a system can be installed within the problem area to serve their extermination. At Blakes Wildlife, we ensure the environmental safety and the safety of wildlife we are removing. We don’t poison them or use harmful chemicals. Instead, we comply with safety standards. After removing bats from your property, we can treat infestation and implement prevention strategies to control their return.

Bats in Your Property? Call Us Now for Inspection & Removal!

Have you discovered bats on your property? Whether it’s your house or a commercial building, we can help! Give us a call and talk to our technicians who are always ready to assist you. Our Bat Removal in Marion begins with a quick and detailed inspection of your property. Our technicians tend to identify the presence of bats, their entry points, and the infestations they have caused. Then, they will suggest the removal process and execute the most humane techniques for removing bats from your property. In addition, our Bat Removal in Marion includes the execution of prevention strategies to prevent bats from coming back. So, don’t hesitate to reach us now via email or phone to exterminate bats from your building!


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