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The ‘Horse Capital’ of the world, Ocala is located in the Marion County of Florida. The city is known as the breeding ground for the championship horses and offers a rich South feel with plenty of ways to escape in nature. The old Victorian gothic architect, old homes lined up with palm and oak trees, and roofs draped in moss give this place its uniqueness. 

However, staying close to nature doesn’t always end up as we expect. Rats and rodents are the most common and yet stressful nuisance that locals of Ocala face. Because there are many trees, roof spaces, and attic space in every house, rodents somehow find a way into your home, searching for food. They hide in small and hard-to-reach places where you cannot catch them easily. 

When you have rodent problems in your house, your family is at risk of multiple diseases such as jaundice and bacterial food poisoning. Call Bakes Wildlife Removal for help! We are offering the best rodent removal services in Ocala for years. Whether you are dealing with roof rats, Norway rats, or house mice, we know how to get rid of them!

What Is Considered A Rodent Infestation?

Homeowners often call for help when the infestation becomes severe. To check if your house is under the invasion of rats, rodents, or mice, you need to look up for the signs. Check your drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and food packaging. If you see shredded paper or fabric, rodent dropping, or chewed food packaging, it means you need professionals to assist you in rodent control and removal.

How Can Blakes Wildlife Control Help 

From West Ocala to the Historic District, we have freed many homes from the hassle of rodent infestation using the best techniques. Our rodent control services are detailed and humane. When you call us, our team of experts will visit your place for a thorough inspection to know the reasons of infestation, after which we will decide the rodent control methods to use. Along with the rodent removal services, we prevent future outbreak by filing all the gaps, cracks, and other entry points, removing their habitat, and trimming the shrubs and trees.

Rodent Removal Cost

We are the best rat exterminators in Ocala, known for our dedication to our work. We are licensed, insured, and certified to deal with the safe removal of rats, mice, and rodents from your home at a reasonable rate. Our rodent infestation cleanup cost is also nominal and designed to match your budget. So, whenever you need rodent or mice exterminators nearby, call Blakes!

Why Hire Blakes Rodent Exterminators

Following are some compelling reasons why you should hire us when looking for the best rodent exterminators:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Home Advisor screened and approved 
  • Top-rated rodent removal company
  • Environment-friendly removal solutions
  • Best rat exterminators in Ocala 
  • Fast and efficient services
  • Guaranteed results 

Whenever you are worried about the presence of rodents in your house, feel free to call us at (352)-299-0248 for an immediate solution.


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