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Wildlife enters home for the sake of warmth, shelter, and food. Wildlife nuisance can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties if left untreated or unattended. They can cause costly damages to your home. For example, they chew the cable wires, make holes in the walls and roofs. Chimneys and attics are favorite places for raccoons, squirrels, and bats. They are also responsible for spreading fatal diseases such as rabies, dengue, leprosy, Histoplasmosis, and much more. Blakes Wildlife Removal is a full-service and reliable wildlife removal company in Florida.

Below is a list of types of services offered by Blakes Wildlife Removal

8 diseases spread by wildlife

Brucellosis Anthrax Giardiasis
Hendra virus Hydatid disease Leptospirosis
Melioidosis Q fever

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Blakes Wildlife Removal Company is providing highly professional and humanely wildlife removal services in Florida. We are licensed and insure and help our customers with long term solutions to wildlife conflicts. We have trained, skilled, and experienced wildlife removal experts on staff who are fully capable of safe and efficient removal of wildlife from your home or any other commercial building without damaging/breaking the property.

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