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Quality Wildlife Control and Pest Removal Services in The Villages, FL

Blakes wildlife provides complete wildlife control services to remove the wild animal and pest types in The Villages, FL. The common types of wild animals we deal with are most common: bats, Raccoons, Gophers, Rodents, squirrels, Birds, Moles, Rats, Mice, and dead animal removal.

Wild animals create problems for businesses, homeowners throughout Florida. They make a mess with their fecal and damage structures from chewing through roofs, soffits, and fascial boards. Unfortunately, these are the common problems that Blakes wildlife deal with daily. 

The key to handling animal control problems is understanding precisely what is happening around your home—that why all our treatments begin with a thorough inspection. One of our expert technicians will come to your place and inspect it for signs of animal activities. Then we perform humane traps to capture any animals that are maybe lurking about. Finally, our expert monitors the mines for five days, removes any animal if found, and gives you peace of mind that you have been missing out. 

If you suspect you have a wildlife intrusion on your property, contact our professionals at Blakes Wildlife. 

What makes us different

  • We take time to recognize your pest problem with a careful inspection and assessment of the issue.
  • We share our expertise with you on what can be done both treatment-wise and environment-wise to control your pest problem.
  • Our service is customized and focused on meeting your needs. With your satisfaction guaranteed on our services, we work hard to keep you as a customer with every service appointment.
  • We concentrate on delivering honest service with honest answers. So if we aren’t sure what’s bugging you, we will find out!

We are unique from a typical Pest Control service. Pest Control companies focus mainly on insects and bugs and not the Wildlife of  the Villages. We provide safe, humane methods to resolve wildlife conflicts. 

Experienced technicians

Here at Blakes, we have been handling animal and pest control services for many years. Our skilled technicians have extensive training and knowledge on how to remove wildlife from around your property effectively. Trust our professional technicians to keep you informed throughout the removal process. You can count on Blakes Wild Life to get the animal out as soon as possible 

Pest control services in The Villages, FL

Don’t let pests take your home. Out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind. Household pests like ants, cockroaches can be much more than a nuisance. They can become a risk to your stuff and possibly your health. Blakes wildlife provides peace of mind in helping protect your home now and in the future. 

No matter the season, it’s vital to keep pests out of your home all year long. And keeping them out isn’t a one-time event. That’s why our pest control experts bring tailored protection backed by science to free your home of pests year-round. We help to remove these pests:

The Villages Pest Removal

  • Beehive removal
  • Honey bee and wasp control
  • Bed bugs treatment
  • Termite control 
  • Ant control
  • Centipede control

Wildlife control services in The Villages

We have the best wildlife removal experts, and they are licensed and insured to deal with tricky and risky events. 

Bat Removal services

Bats are very valuable to the environment, and Villages is home to more than 12 bat species. The most common type found in buildings throughout Florida and the U.S. is the Little Brown Bat. This typical house bat is often found in homes, structures that are close to waterways. This is where they feed for mosquitoes. A bat can quickly eat 600 mosquitoes in an hour. This makes them very beneficial to have has a neighbor, just not as a roommate! If you have a bat problem, call Blakes wildlife, we have solutions to all types of bat situations within Florida!

Gray squirrel removal services

The most known type of squirrel found in town is the Eastern Gray Squirrel. These squirrels have bushy tails with black-brown and white fur, making them look gray when viewing from afar. These rodent animals are about 15-20 inches in length and weigh up to a pound and a half. These squirrels can be seen in urban and suburban areas as well as the forest. So, if you suspect a squirrel in your attic, chimney, or walls, give us a call today to solve your squirrel problem!

Raccoon removal Villages, FL

Raccoons usually stated as “coons” live all of Florida and throughout most of the US. These animals can weigh upwards of 30lbs with a length of 3 feet. These pests can be an irritation for homeowners because of the comprehensive mess they can create. We have treatment solutions to all types of Raccoon Problems throughout Villages. 

If you find an animal having rabies or see signs of raccoons, contact your local Blakes wildlife. 

Why Blakes Wildlife?

Blake’s wildlife control provides residents and businesses in the entire Villages city. In addition to our competitive price, comprehensive animal and pest control services, here are few more reasons to choose us. 

  • We provide green, organic, and eco-friendly pest control solutions 
  • We have the IMPA certifications 
  • We are a local and family-owned Wildlife Control Company 
  • We are a licensed, insured, and certified pest Control Company 
  • We don’t have any hidden fee: the price we quote you for is your pay. 
  • We offer same-day emergency services whenever available 
  • We offer free initial pest control inspection as well as a free quote for our services 
  • We handle everything from small-scale residential jobs to large-scale commercial projects. No matter what you are facing, we have got you covered. 
  • We are not just another pest control company. Instead, we are a team of local pest control experts working to protect our company from pests 
  • We also offer Wildlife Services with highly trained Wildlife Technicians.

To receive the best quality pest control and wildlife removal services, feel free to reach us today. 


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