Mosquitoes are the kind of annoying pests that are seen everywhere. No matter how clean your house is or how careful you are, there are still chances of mosquitoes entering your property. The bites of these persistent beings really sting, and they can cause various diseases as well, which is why they should not be taken lightly. In order to avoid the presence of such pests at your place, there are certain tips that you can follow. Let’s go through some of them in detail. 

1- The Removal of Mosquito Habitats

Mosquitoes are not just annoying when it comes to their presence inside a house, but they carry serious threats like dengue fever, malaria, and the Zika virus. Avoiding mosquitoes has always been a concern for house owners, which is why you should know that the removal of their habitats can easily get rid of them. It takes 14 days for a mosquito to breed, and for that, it only needs a small amount of water that it can get from a flower pot or rainwater. Therefore,

  • Ensure that there’s no standing water around or inside your house to stop mosquitoes from breeding and keep them away from the house.
  • If you have swimming pools at the house, make sure that water doesn’t stand still in it. Disinfection of the water should also be done frequently. 
  • Temporary pools of water should be drained timely or must be filled with dirt for insect control.

2- Keep Mosquitoes Outside the House Using Barriers

Mosquitoes can easily make their way inside a house through small openings in the windows or the house’s structure. The use of air conditioning or a fan might prevent them from getting inside the house, but several other methods can be used for insect control.

  • All the gaps in walls, doors, and windows should be covered in a timely manner to prevent mosquitoes from sneaking inside the house.
  • Check the window and door screens thoroughly and ensure if they are working properly.
  • One of the most effective ways of keeping yourself protected from mosquitoes is netting. A complete cover of high-quality nets around the beds can act as a cover from mosquito bites.

3- Stay Indoors or Use Light-Colored Clothing

If you want to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, several things can be done. It is suggested by the experts to stay inside your house, especially during dusk and dawn, as at this time mosquitoes roam around a lot. Moreover:

  • It is essential that you keep the mosquitoes away from your naked skin. Therefore, one must wear long-sleeved garments with long jeans and socks.
  • It is also believed that deep and dark colors like black and blue attract the bugs a lot. Therefore to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito, a person should wear bright colors.
  • Yellow outdoor lights are effective and tend to attract fewer mosquitos. Therefore all the white lights must be changed to yellow lights.

4- The Usage of Top-rated Mosquito Repellants

How to avoid from mosquito-Mosquito Repelent spray

Mosquitoes normally love to bite the area of the body that has thicker skin. That makes your feet, ankles, lower legs, and wrists the favorite areas for mosquitoes to bite. However, you can use a professional mosquito repellant available in the market that keeps mosquitoes away from your body. Mosquito repellants are usually made up of chemicals that ensure safety and prevention from a mosquito bite. So, you should always carry one with you, especially when you are out for an evening stroll. 

5- Call a Professional Pest Control Service

When the growth of mosquitoes increases in a house, getting control over them becomes very difficult. At this time, an expert pest control service should be called as they have the best pesticides that guarantee control over mosquitoes. Once you hire an expert company, you will eventually feel the presence of mosquitoes to be minimized around your house.

Blakes Wildlife Control – Offering Best Pest Control Services

Mosquitoes can be very dangerous; however, keeping them away from a residential building is now possible with Blakes Wildlife Control. Being a professional pest control service provider, our target has always been to control and remove pests like mosquitoes. Hire us, and we guarantee to make your house a mosquito-free zone.

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