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Expert Wildlife Removal & Pest Control In Ocala, FL

Florida is bestowed with a unique variety of wildlife because of the greenery and natural sites. However, when these creatures leave their habitat and start seeking refuge in your basements and attics, things get serious. Wildlife infestation is not only damaging but dangerous as well. DIY wildlife control in Ocala doesn’t guarantee 100% results, which is why you need professionals. Blake Wildlife Control is your go-to solution to keep your family and property protected. Call us for fast and timely extermination of any kind of wildlife.

Why Do You Need A Wildlife Control Company

At Blake Wildlife Control, we get calls because homeowners hear bustling or rattling sounds from their basements, chimneys, attics, or inside the walls. Most of the wildlife damage occurs in the areas where these animals can easily hide. The presence of birds, bats, rodents, and rats can spread a lot of diseases. Rats mostly hide in your food cabinets that is a serious issue. Raccoons, on the other hand, wreck your screens and insulations in search of a warm place by entering through your eaves and vents.

You need a quick wildlife removal nearby, and we can give you the best services in Ocala, FL. We understand that these wildlife animals play an essential role in nature, so we avoid using aggressive removal techniques.

 Wildlife Animal Removal Services Ocala

We are your local wildlife removal experts in Ocala to help you eliminate the nuisance of unwanted intrusion and property damage. Our team takes pride in serving the homeowners in Ocala for years now. We follow humane removal methods and animal trapping techniques. We remove wildlife and prevent them from coming back instead of killing them. We offer the following services in Ocala, FL:

Let the Professionals help You!

Monitoring And Prevention From Further Intrusion

When raccoons and rodents are resting in your garage, basement, or attic, you need someone to help you keep these animals off your property. We follow a detailed procedure when you ask us to cater to you with our wildlife control services. First, we will inspect your property to find out the resting places of infestation. We use safe and eco-friendly methods to trap and leave the wildlife back to their habitat. Next, we’ll evaluate the damage and seal off all the entryways and holes in your house. 

The Pest Control Company You Were Looking For In Florida

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing random critters invading your living pace, termites destroying your furniture, bed bugs & mosquitoes disturbing your sleep, and cockroaches infesting inside your kitchen cabinets. You instantly need reliable pest services to deal with such a critical situation. Luckily, you have found the best pest control company for pest services. Pests can wreak havoc in your house or working space which is why we offer both residential and commercial pest control in Ocala, Florida.

Why Our Services Are Trustworthy

We believe in providing you with results instead of claims. Here are the reasons why you should consider hiring us:

  • Free estimates 
  • Free home inspection 
  • Eco-friendly removal techniques 
  • Licensed, insured, and protected
  • Extensive range of services
  • Quick response time
  • Excellent communication
  • Friendly customer services
  • Guaranteed satisfaction 
  • Screened, approved, and top-rated by Home Advisor 

When you have had enough with the unwanted intrusion of wildlife and pests, call us at (352)-299-0248!


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